MaGic Baits Boldip Brush (Spirits)

MaGic Baits boldips are designed for use on the feedbal (mieliebol). It is NOT just a muti that is thickened and the level of concentrate lowered. All the MaGic Baits liquids have the same level of concentrate.
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MaGic Baits use the highest possible level of concentrate in their products to attract fish effectively.

All the liquid MaGic Baits flavours have the exact same level of concentrate, making their product unique.

Certain MaGic Baits boldips are thin, while others are thicker. Each specific boldip is designed for an exact purpose. As an example, the MaGic Baits HLX boldip is very thin, thus releasing its unique mix of TCP very quickly into the water column. On the other hand as an example, the MaGic Baits SWISS boldip is a very thick product, thus creating a very slow release of its Creamy Chocolate flavour into the water column.

The MaGic Baits team takes great care to ensure the highest standard of manufacturing goes hand in hand with attention to goal to produce goal oriented products.


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