MaGic Baits Muti Baas Ben (Turkish Delight)

MaGic Baits muti's are designed to flavour hook baits. The MaGic Baits team developed a distinct recipe using a specific raw material that will ensure that the hook bait soaks up the flavour as expected.
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MaGic Baits use the highest possible level of concentrate in their products to attract fish effectively. All the liquid MaGic Baits flavours have the exact same level of concentrate, making their product unique.

Certain MaGic Baits muti's are thin, while others are thicker. Each specific muti is designed to leak flavour according to a pre-determined strategy. As an examplet, the MaGic Baits ALM X muti is very thin, thus allowing a quick release of the drawing power that this Almond flavour permits.

On the other side of the spectrum as an example, the MaGic Baits Just Black Muti is a very thick product, thus creating a very slow release of the food signal that this secret Molasses mix gives off.

The MaGic Baits team takes great care to ensure the highest standard of manufacturing goes hand in hand with attention to goal to produce goal oriented products.


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